The Fall in Love with Fitness Challenge

The Fall in Love with Fitness Challenge

As your qualified online trainer I want to make this challenge all about Falling In LOVE with Fitness.

So we are going to keep this simple and within this free 28 day home fitness challenge, you have a suggested workout for that day and all you have to is press the play button and complete the workout. Then you get to tick off your tick chart which has 28 hearts, and the challenge is you tick each one.

One of my goals as a trainer since I first qualified way back in 1995 was always to make fitness fun, effective and easy to do at home.
The good news here is we need no equipment and as I always say the best weight we can ever use is bodyweight, this is way safer on our joints and still provides weight so our muscles get the resistance training they need.

This 28 Day plan will boost your health and fitness and get you in great shape as well as feeling utterly fabulous.
You have a lovely mix of home workouts and no repeaters, so a new workout every day and we are going to be working on toning all the key areas, arms, back, abs, waist, legs, glutes and of course your overall fitness with a fun mix of cardio workouts and even the odd walk in Italy (you know me as your trainer I like to think outside the box and keep your workouts fresh and exiting!).

Please note this challenge also focuses on Healthy Weight Loss, so if you are already at a your ideal weight then you can pick any of my other free challenges that are suitable for you by clicking HERE.

It is my job as your online trainer to always give you the best workouts and get you the best results. This is a FREE Challenge – you simply download the training plan by clicking the image on the left.

If you have Limited Mobility then I would like to recommend my I AM STRONG challenge for you (click HERE to access the challenge)

Lucy xx

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