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Lucy Wyndham-Read may not be familiar to everyone but to her 2.2 million YouTube followers and her million followers on other social media platforms, she is the ‘go to’ online personal trainer to get people off their sofas and into exercise to improve both their physical and mental wellbeing. During the Covid-19 lock downs, she was the most viewed online trainer in the UK with over 56 million people viewing her free online videos on YouTube, far outstripping her nearest rivals, and seeing her appear on national television prime time news to discuss fitness and wellbeing issues for those ‘locked down’ at home.

Since then, she has gone from strength to strength with YouTube views now exceeding 360 million. She was named Fitness Influencer of the Year in 2021. She had a two-page spread published in the Daily Mail newspaper and Mail Online on “How to Get Fit in Just 7 Minutes”, showcasing the 7-minute workout philosophy for busy people, that she invented over 10 years ago. Her workouts and instructional videos are viewed worldwide and are recommended by doctors from the USA to India – their high effectiveness makes them great for healthy people but also her range of low impact and seated exercises are ideal for the elderly, infirm or those recovering from injury.

Lucy’s life prior to being an online fitness coach and motivator, was far from smooth sailing. She wasn’t strong or athletic growing up, was usually the last person picked for team sports and was often bullied at school. Being dyslexic was not well catered for or supported and assumptions were often made about her general abilities that were far from reality. To challenge herself, to everyone’s astonishment, in 1988 she chose to join the British Army.

She spent 5 rewarding years learning about resilience, determination and giving your all. During this time, she developed her passion for fitness and recognised that we are all so much stronger than we know. Sadly, her army career ended in tragedy when her fiancé and childhood sweetheart was killed in action in Northern Ireland. This turned Lucy’s world upside down. Her final years in the army were spent as a fitness instructor and knowing how much fitness helped her deal with grief, she decided to pursue helping others through fitness and wellbeing coaching.

Initially Lucy spent many years working as Personal Trainer. The pivotal moment in her career came on her first day working at a private and exclusive gym. The gym manager explained that they had 20 items of cardiovascular equipment and 1800 members. Lucy asked what happened if they all turned up at once. He smiled and said they won’t, only 11% of the members use the gym at all – the others pay and never show up!!! Lucy decided then that her mission would be to reach the 89% of people that wanted to be fit and healthy but felt too intimated or lacked the motivation to do anything about it (other than pay for a gym membership!!).

In 2008 the recession hit, and Personal Training became a luxury for most. During this challenging time, Lucy had the idea of creating workouts that where home based and would be free. With no idea how or where to start, she simply self-taught and learnt how to build a website, how to edit videos, how to film, SEO, and how to set up a YouTube Channel. In 2012 she uploaded her first video to YouTube. It was the odd email or comment that came through saying how a workout helped someone that spurred Lucy to create more videos and content. She now has a successful business and over 2.2 million YouTube followers for her home workouts world-wide.

Lucy’s channel made such an impact that she was invited to do a TED talk at Surrey University about fitness and motivation, which was a big success. She has gone on to do talks on Motivation and Fitness at Google, YouTube, and London’s Guildhall. She is a Patron for Help for Heroes and works with several other charities in her spare time.

As her viewing numbers grew, she created a social media community called Lucy’s Squad, which is all about people supporting each other virtually and encouraging everyone to simply be their best.

Lucy is proof that if you truly want to achieve something you can. Her motto is “YES, I CAN” and she has learnt that there are very few limitations to what she can achieve if she sets her mind to it. She is known for replying with her motto to anyone who asks for her help or advice. Even though she is dyslexic, suffered from bullying, dreaded sports, and had no confidence when she was young, she now has stood in front of 1000s and teaches how exercise and self-belief can turn your life around – a truly motivational journey if ever there was one!!

Lucy is a Patron for a charity very close to her heart, Help for Heroes, which helps wounded ex service men and women after they retire from the armed forces

Lucy in the Daily Mail – 11th May 2023

Many people were amazed at how Penny Mordaunt managed to hold a ceremonial sword weighing 3.6kg for over 50 minutes and another slightly lighter one for over an hour during King Charles III coronation last Saturday. Preparation was key. Lucy’s article How to get Penny Mordaunt’s sword bearing arms in seven steps (without having to go to the gym) describes 7 exercises that together would build up your arms to be able to take on feats such as this (should you ever get asked to hold a sword upright for 2 hours!).

Lucy in the Mail 11 May 2023
Don’t believe these 4 myths about exercise, says 2021′s ‘Fitness Influencer of the Year’

Lucy on CNBC – 18th April 2023

On 17th April 2023 Lucy was interviewed by CNBC in the USA for their National Exercise Day feature. The article appeared on National Exercise Day (18th April 2023). Click on the photo for a link to the CNBC article. 

A really exciting opportunity to get the message out there about the benefits of exercise and debunk some of the myths that people believe that simply aren’t true.

Lucy in the Daily Mail – 28 July 2022

“How to Get Fit in Just 7 Minutes”

As one of the most respected and viewed online fitness coaches in the world, Lucy was asked to put together this 2 page spread for the Daily Mail newspaper (see picture) which appeared on 28 July 2022. This was accompanied by an extensive article published in the online edition.

Yet another example of Lucy leading the way in making exercise and fitness accessible to all.

Daily Mail Article
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In September 2021 Lucy was the winner of the Blogosphere Fitness Influencer of the Year award, this was as a result of votes by the general public.

Daily Mail

Lucy Wyndham-Read beats Joe Wicks as the most popular fitness YouTuber

Lucy Wyndham-Read, 49, from Surrey, has quietly racked up more than 58 million views on her YouTube channel in lockdown, making it the most popular fitness channel in the UK. This video is Lucy’s most recent interview on the “This Morning” TV programme

Read more >> Aug 9th 2020

Lucy was invited to do a TEDx Talk at University of Surrey about her story, her mission and how she plans to get the world fit through social media.

At the age of 19 Lucy decided that despite her girly image, the fact that she had been bullied at school and that the thought of doing any sport quite terrified her, she wanted to take on what was for her the ultimate challenge of joining the Army.

It was during her 5 years of serving in the British Army that she learnt some of the highly effective skills which she has used to her advantage. In particular, she learned about fitness, motivation, utter determination, and how to never give up and shout out the words #YESICAN and create the online community #LUCYSSQUAD.

Lucy on stage at the Race For Life cancer fund raiser in London’s Hyde Park, warming up 12,000 women ready to run 10k for charity.

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During the Covid-19 lockdown in early 2021, Lucy was approached by Bewley Homes to teach a couple of online classes to their staff while they where all stuck at home.

Lucy waived any fee and asked that the company donate money to support the tireless and dedicated work of the NHS during these challenging times. Not only were the classes very successful but £2,500 was raised for the NHS.

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