Walk the Weight Off with this 21-Day Online Walking Weight Loss Plan by Lucy Wyndham-Read  that is designed to make losing weight easy, fun and effective.

As a qualified trainer, I have helped thousands of people reach their health and weight loss goals through the right exercise and healthy eating plans.

You can Lose Weight by Walking and Walking is one of the most natural exercises we can do and it is super effective at helping to reduce excess body fat. To get the best results it is important that we combine a Walking Plan with Toning exercises as this helps to naturally increase your metabolic rate, helping to make weight loss easier. Plus it is essential that we focus on a healthy and nourishing eating plan to aid in healthy weight loss. 

This 21-day course has a day-by-day plan that you simply follow each day. 

Each day you have a suggested walking workout for which you can either use an existing YouTube Walking Video or follow along to the routine I suggest on that day which can be done outdoors.

The plan has 3 exclusive 6-Minute Sculpt Fit Home Workouts that are only available through this online course, these 6-minute Workouts tone your entire body and all the moves are standing and require no equipment. Each week you get new moves as you will be increasing your fitness and endurance.

The overall plan also includes a healthy eating plan, which gives you a daily suggested meal plan alongside some tasty healthy recipes.

WHAT YOU GET (features)

Downloadable Online Course

21 Suggested Outdoor Interval Walk Routines

21 Walking Workout Videos so if it is raining you can still walk indoors (please note these are already on YouTube but have been picked specifically for weight loss and for days you don’t want to go out!)

Three ‘exclusive to this plan’ videos which are 6 Minute Full Body Sculpting Workouts

Weekly Shopping Lists

21-Day Healthy Eating Plan Meal plans to supercharge your slimming

28 Fabulous filling recipes, food swaps and expert nutritional advice

Weekly Tick Chart and Water Accountability

Achievable exercise and fitness plans for all lifestyles and levels, to help you build walking into your day

Advice on Walking 

Daily Motivational quotes

Advice on how to maintain your results

No added equipment needed


Easy To Follow

Designed for healthy Weight Loss

Tones entire Body

Improves Flexibility and General health

Boosts your Energy

Gives you the knowledge and all the tools you need to keep yourself healthy, focused and fit.

The plan is also available in a Vegetarian version