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Here is an incredible Health Transformation and this is an extract of Jemma’s story in her own words ✍🏼 @jemmahouse86

“Well what a year it has been. I have gone from being so depressed and unhappy with myself and the way I looked and the way it made me feel to now being 4 stone lighter but most importantly I’m mentally stronger and physically fitter. I could not thank Lucy enough, her and her workouts they have changed my life.

I never thought I would ever fall in love with excise but I honestly have. It is crazy how incredible it actually makes you feel and now I have a whole new lease of life. I couldn’t imagine my life without excise now.
I started with just a 7 minute workout as well as a 3 minute arm too. I did this consistently for about 8 weeks and in that time I see massive results. I also followed a clean and healthy balanced food plan which I have continued with throughout my journey.

To read Jemma’s story in full visit her Instagram account at:


So incredibly proud of @oavila07 part of #lucyssquad with her amazing Health Transformation – Here is her story in her words ✍🏼

“I am on a Healthy Living Journey !!!Thank You Lucy and #Lucyssquad
for all your Support ! I have lost 234 pounds in 3 plus years
No Weight Loss Surgery No Medications. I am doing this with Lucy’s Exercises and Healthy Eating ! Making better food choices ! I am on my way to reaching a healthy BMI ! YES I CAN !!! So Can Each and Every one of you ! No Matter How hard it seems; No Matter What obstacles you Face Together with Lucy’s Exercise Videos and Lucyssquad Love and Support – YES YOU CAN !!! ❤️”

My name is David and I had a car accident in 1994 which left me disabled. I’ve had one hip replacement and am waiting for another, I also suffer with arthritis. My wife and daughter started going to the gym with a personal trainer as my daughter is getting married this year, so I wanted to find a form of exercise that I could do at my own pace and at my own ability. I found Lucy on YouTube and have been doing the beginner 7 minute workouts daily since July. Lucy has motivated me to eat healthy and focus on my breathing which has improved my physical and mental health, I have also managed to lose 40 pounds! Thank you so much Lucy, my daughter now joins in with your exercises and we do them together. It’s great that you do the two different levels 😊

Sam my son, has done really well over the years to lose weight and throughout lockdown he has been doing exercise with #LucyWyndhamRead on YouTube Thanks Lucy 😀


4.5 months of graft 4.5 stone lost. Amazing what you can achieve when you work as a team with your partner (beautiful future wife) to make a life change and have a great support network (my awesome best mate). Mostly diet and started off with @lucywyndhamread 7 min workouts which killed me but made me so much fitter and melted the fat, now running and back into the gym with all healthy functional movements. Looking forward to a few treats on Christmas Day but this wedding bod is going to keep developing well past the big day and now part of a great healthy lifestyle! @lucywyndhamread training has not only helped me lose weight but I’ve always suffered with back and knee pain and her training has helped give me a pain free better quality life! James

Just wanted to drop you a line to say a massive thank you for all that you do, your workouts are amazing. I have a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and my whole life I have wanted to get fit, but have really struggled with what exercises I can do, usually causing me much more pain. Your workouts have been the best thing ever for my body, I’m finally getting stronger in places that I never thought possible. So Thank you. It is so kind of you to do these workouts for free, you really are helping and changing a lot of people’s lives. BT Essex UK

A long-time friend of my was on her way to do one of your workouts when I called. She raved about you so I immediately went to YouTube to check you out. I must be honest; the first workout of yours that I did I kept thinking Lucy definitely does not drink decaf tea!!! But, I really liked your workout so I looked for others and now I am hooked! I have a gym in my house and am accustomed to working out with weights. I love that you just use your own body weight. You are so creative (loved climbing the mountain with the wolf!), so motivated (and motivating), and fabulous, not too mention gorgeous!! In all the decades we have been friends turning me on to your workouts is, far and away, the greatest gift she has ever given me. Keep up the excellent work and I am thrilled to be your newest fan!


First of all I would like to say a huge thank you to you! I love your workout videos!
They’re so much fun and so easy to keep up with.
Especially during lockdown keeping fit and healthy can be real challenge, but you have really worked so hard to ensure that we don’t miss out on keeping active and shaping up. Also the advice on nutrition and the daily motivation it’s greatly appreciated.

I will continue to keep up with these amazing at home workouts!! Thanks so much very much appreciated!! 

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and giving us all the motivation and determination to keep looking after ourselves during these unprecedented and challenging times.
SS Glasgow UK