One of the most frequently asked subjects I get asked on social media is  How can I get rid of arm fat?”, How can I slim my arms?”, How can I get rid of bingo wings?”, and “What are the best arm exercises?”

And as a female trainer on the other side of 40, this is also an area I personally am keen to keep toned and sculpted, but without bulking up.

Okay, first of all we simply cannot zap arm fat by doing just one thing. We have to break this down, and we have to all understand that our bodies are different, and you may find that before excess fat comes off your arms it might first melt away from your tummy, or wherever. So we have to be patient and get to understand how the body works. But the good news is that we can still get rid of arm fat and tone our arms. There is a special method for doing that, but as I always say, there’s no miracle or quick fix, we have to put the work in for ourselves.

So here is the honest advice I would give you on reducing arm fat – and don’t just take my word for it; with now over 9 million women worldwide successfully following my arm toning workouts, and getting amazing results – just read the comments – I do know what you need to be doing.

Step 1: First of all you need to aim to get to your healthy body weight, so if you are carrying excess body fat you are going to need to lose this. And you can do this by simply eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise. So be patient, as it will start to reduce, but as I mentioned earlier, we can’t pinpoint where the first bit off excess body fat will disappear from. Just trust me, it will start to come off those arms the fitter you get and the less fat your body carries.

Step 2: This is a little of step 1 really, but think about what you eat, as foods high in sugar and high in fat are guilty of causing excess fat. It would be nice if we could send a request of where we’d like the fat to sit – it might not be so bad if went to our bust giving us a plump cleavage, but it would more likely bypass that and just head straight for the arms or abs!So just be aware and keep those calories under control. On average for losing weight you should be looking at around 1500 to 1800 a day. And don’t forget, along with those calories, make it a point to go for quality fresh foods.

Step 3: Now let’s talk about the toning. This is a major part in the process of getting your toned arms, and if, like me, you like a feminine shape and not bulging Popeye arms, then you should focus on using your own body weight – simply your arms (which, if you think about it, are weights anyway).Aim to work on endurance. You want to do a move and focus on between 40 – 60 reps, or an equivalent amount in seconds spent, if you’re doing it by timing. Focus on doing lots of moves, but keep varying the exercises, as if you always do the same thing those arms can get cheeky and switch off. So keep changing, as this keeps challenging them.

So to lose arm fat and get toned arms, apply the 3 tips above and you will have those arms you dreamed off. And that is how you get rid of arm fat.