Just because you are pregnant it does not mean that you need to pack up your fitness gear and be bed-ridden for nine months, and give up on feeling fabulous!

Far from it, in fact, this plan is going to help you look and feel amazing throughout every trimester. Remember, the healthier and fitter you are throughout these nine months, the more it will help with the healthy development of your baby. It will also make it super easy for you to spring back into shape once your bundle of joy is born.

I write as a female trainer with over 20 years in the health and fitness industry, in which I’ve gained specialist knowledge in pre and postnatal fitness, nutrition, and even health related exercise for children. And having helped many mums through healthy pregnancies and then assisted them with getting back a fit yummy mummy body shape after, I know what works, and one of my great quotes is “knowledge is power” . So with this eBook not only am I going to give you workouts for each trimester, and a healthy eating guide, but alongside this I am going to explain how, why, and what is taking place in your body, and how the exercise and nutrition is going to help both you and your baby. YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS  BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don’t have a PayPal account)