Just 4 minutes six times a week and ! YES it works  (which you will see with all the before-and-after photos) and this type  of training also known as Tabata and HIIT is the fastest way to get results. Watch this quick video here to find out more.


This  book  also has links to 26 workout videos, so if you want to have a workout with me then simply press play, and also you get a delicious 14 day healthy eating plan.

So if you want to feel fitter than SuperWoman and look better than Barbie this is the book is for you. Unlike any other fitness book this has a fresh new workout  for you everyday, so you never get bored and expect to see results quickly.

The workouts are suitable for every fitness level and range from the:

Be warned you are about to start falling in love with fitness, and all your family and friends will want to know what your secret is (which of course is just 4 minutes).

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The best thing about these 4 minute workouts is the fact that your body burns off calories at a higher rate for at least 10 hours after, and with the average increase of calories to 35 per hour – do your sums and that is an extra 350 calories a day!  This is due to an effect that my workouts induce which is known as EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption) this is how you can then be sure that your body is burning higher amount of calories throughout the day. I do go into this in much more detail throughout the book.

So if you want an easy to follow fitness and weight loss plan then this is perfect for you.