Welcome to your Beginners Running Plan. Over the next 4 weeks I am going to be coaching you with my specially created Home RunFit Workout Series via YouTube. (Please note if you can not run for any reason you can follow this and simply swap the running intervals for walking)

This guide is all about me teaching you how running can be fun and how to make running an enjoyable experience. Each week I post up a new video, as you become fitter through the weeks, the program will progressively increase the running and the intensity of the special 6 exercises I use between the running intervals, which are designed to help make running easier. These workouts are going to get you in great shape and super charge your physical health.

Within your guide you have a weekly tick list with all your workouts clearly written so you know what you should be doing each day.

  You can download my Running Guide which allows you to tick off each run that you complete as well as making a note of your running time.

If you are unsure how the plan works then click here to watch a video tutorial