Lucy Wyndham-Read

28 Day Walk and Tone Challenge


My Walk and Tone Challenge

This challenge is all about getting your step count up and sculpting your body all over. If you stick to this for 28 days, you are going to feel amazing and super toned.

This challenge has a great mix of walking workouts and toning. We alternate the days with some fun indoor walking at home routines, to then focusing on different bodyweight toning classes, ranging from shaping your waist, lifting your glutes and working your arms.
This challenge ticks every box when it comes to your fitness and health.

This 28-Day Challenge is easy to follow and all completely FREE. The workouts are all standing and you do not need any equipment. As always, we will be using your own body weight so they are safe and will get you the best results.

It is my job as your online trainer to always give you the best workouts and get you the best results.

This is a FREE Challenge – you simply download the training plan by clicking the image on the left.

If you have Limited Mobility then I would like to recommend my I AM STRONG challenge for you (click here to access this).
Stay safe everyone.

Lucy xx