Lucy Wyndham-Read

15 Minute Workout Challenge

15 Minute Workout

15 Minute Workout Challenge

This  Challenge is a 30 Day Plan that consists of 15 Minute Daily workouts these are all Full Body Cardio Routines and that use Body Weight only so you require no equipment. 

These home workouts are all easy to follow and designed to get you in your best health.

Please listen to your body and if on any days you are feeling tired then take a days rest. 

It has sadly been brought to our attention that YET AGAIN another website has been taking these challenges and selling them and asking for emails, so if you ever see these anywhere else please let us know – the only place that is verified for my challenges and online products is this website

This Challenge as always is completely free and you simply click on the image to download.

Remember every workout you do we are taking control of your health and also investing in your future health.

And as always my job as your trainer is to always give you the best challenges and workouts to keep you moving at home.

This is a FREE Challenge and you simply download the training plan (opposite), each week you can print off your 7-Day Chart and tick off each workout you complete.

If you have Limited Mobility then I would like to recommend this challenge for you which is my I AM STRONG (click here to access this)

Stay safe everyone. Lucy xx

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