This Children’s Adventure Story Bundle has 4 fun adventures that are packed full of sparkle, and excitement and take you on a magical adventure. This package is worth £11.96 and is now available for just £5.99

This Bundle includes the following 4 Children’s eBooks all of which have a story as well as suggestions on how to bring the storybook to life at home by creating a fun game from the story.


  • Who Stole the Snowman’s Nose -This is a magical winter wonderland story and you can create your own snowball game just like the characters in the story.


  • The Fairies Treasure Hunt Adventure – This story is all about guessing the clues to find the magic seeds, this one is a super fun game follow along to at home.


  • The Fairies Birthday Adventure – This story is full of giggles, balloons and gives you a fun game to play at home! To see if you can make your way through the purple bell woods!



  • The Fairies Picnic Adventure – This story is full of toadstools, star jumps and sunshine. It brings with it a smile and sparkle and a fun game of star jumps and toadstools.

I wrote these books with the aim of inspiring children to fall in love with being active and making healthy food choices. Each story is around 30 pages long and full of colourful illustrations.

They are suitable for children of any age and to be honest, even an adult if you just want a little escapism!

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