Lucy Wyndham-Read

30 Day Wellbeing Plan


This challenge is a 30 Day Wellbeing Plan for Mind and Body and focuses on Exercise, Nutrition, Hydration, Positivity and Gratitude. My aim is that with this 30-Day Plan we can implement healthy habits that are going to last a lifetime. So instead of thinking short term resolutions, this is about doable healthy lifestyle habits that you can do forever more.

This challenge has a great mix of Total Body Workouts, Short Hiit Cardio, Indoor Walking, Full Bodyweight Toning, Mobility and lots of Abs & Core Workouts. The workouts are all standing and you do not need any equipment. As always, we will be using your own body weight so they are safe and will get you the best results.

Also within the plan it explains how you could help raise money and awareness for a charity of your choice by getting someone to sponsor you to complete it.


Please note this challenge also focuses on Healthy Weight Loss, so if you are already at a your ideal weight then you can pick any of my other free challenges that are suitable for you by clicking HERE.

It is my job as your online trainer to always give you the best workouts and get you the best results. This is a FREE Challenge – you simply download the training plan by clicking the image on the left.

If you have Limited Mobility then I would like to recommend my I AM STRONG challenge for you (click HERE to access this).

Always here for you as your qualified trainer to keep you and your family motivated and moving. Do keep me updated on social media on how you are getting on.

Lucy xx

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