This plan has 14 different exercise-at-home workouts that are all high-calorie burners and range from 8 minutes to 5 minutes, so even the laziest person can find the motivation to complete these. Please note these are from my Youtube Channel but I have gone through and hand-picked the most effective quick workouts for this plan.

And to speed up the weight loss, I have created a 7-day healthy eating plan with recipes. This plan is designed to get you in great shape and supercharge your health. But more importantly, inspire you to always from now on lead a healthy lifestyle even if it is just with quick workouts.

So everything you need is in here, and these 14 full-length videos are suitable for every single fitness level.

  • 14 Home Workout YouTube Videos – everything from fat-loss workouts, to toning your arms, abs, booty, and thighs
  • Useful Lifestyle Hacks
  • Super quick healthy recipes
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