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Move More at Home Fitness Challenge

Move at Home Fitness Challenge

Move More at Home Fitness Challenge

Get ready for this fun challenge designed to get you moving more at home.

As we know, movement is essential for better health so I have picked you daily workouts that you can easily follow at home.
This Free Home Fitness Challenge runs for 30 days and has a fun new feature that allows you to also pick an area to tone, so you can tailor the workout to suit you.

This programme will tick all the boxes when it comes to your health as these cardio workouts will be boosting your fitness, increasing your calorie burn, revving up your energy levels, improving your posture, helping with weight management, increasing your productivity and of course looking after your mental wellbeing.

You don’t need any equipment and as always this is all free.

And as always my job as your trainer is to always give you the best challenges and workouts to keep you moving at home.
This is a FREE Challenge and you simply download the training plan (opposite), each week you can print off your 7-Day Chart and tick off each workout you complete.

If you have Limited Mobility then I would like to recommend this challenge for you which is my I AM STRONG (click here to access this)

Stay safe everyone. Lucy xx

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