Below are some  workouts which I have hand picked from my YouTube Channel that are safe to do whilst fasting. All these exercise routines below are low impact and also low intensity, so each day simply pick one and follow along with me. Whilst you are in a fasting period it is important to focus on simply maintaining  your fitness – so avoid doing any gruelling workouts that leave you exhausted.

I do recommend that you please listen to your body and if you feel to tired, light headed or exhausted then please stop, do what feels right for you.  I have put together  this scale for you which is known as the Perceived Rate of Exertion, this is a good guide you can follow to ensure that you are not pushing yourself to hard. Base these numbers on how exhausted and  out of breathe  you are  feeling while exercising, you can see how 1 is nothing and 10 is maximal, I recommend you stay around a level 3 – 4. This will help to maintain you current fitness level.