Whether you call it postnatal, postpartum depression, or baby blues, it can effect as many as 1 in 7 mums!

I should explain that I am not a mum myself, and the point of this blog is not talking from personal experience of myself suffering with postpartum depression, but talking from my experience of having helped mums overcome it, simply by exercise.

So firstly, Postnatal Depression is just like clinical depression, and it can affect the bubbliest of women, and sometimes even after 2 or 3 children it can all of a sudden come along, though equally it can by-pass you.

There are many factors which can bring this on, from lack of sleep to feeling isolated, and a major contributor can be the imbalance of hormones after child birth, as new mums experience a rapid drop in progesterone, oestrogen and other hormones.

But there is one thing that can quickly help reduce depression and anxiety just like with clinical depression, and guess what, it is exercise – this helps re-balance the hormones, and stimulates the happy hormones known as endorphins.

And this could be something as simple as just going for a quick walk around the block. Just think of it like this: head out of the front door and walk for 5 minutes, then turn around and come back, and before you know it that is 10 minutes you have done – and immediately you will feel better, with significantly reduced feelings of depression or anxiety. Plus, my clients found that they felt like they were back in control of their body, which gave them confidence. And of course the other bonus is that these exercises helped quickly to get their bodies back in shape. So they waved goodbye to postpartum depression and embraced the new journey of being a healthy happy mum.

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