This is Sophia’s tick list that I have given her to help keep her confidence sky-high:-

1. Every morning jump out of bed and say “yes I can” and realise your full potential, because positive thoughts are far stronger and more powerful than negative ones.

2. Get dressed up to the nines, because it is so easy to just not bother with our appearance and this can have an effect on our confidence; doing your hair, putting on nice clothes and your favourite make-up will give you that big boost, so take the time to make yourself feel special, even if you are only going to the local shop to buy some milk.

3. Kick-start the day with a healthy food and drink choice, this way you then feel great and in control of your body.

4. Prepare your to–do list and make sure the top item of that list is your workout, as once you have done this you will have more energy and feel less anxious, so look at your workouts as a way to help you take on the world.

5. Stand tall and be an ice queen. Get into the habit of doing this trick of mine: simply imagine someone has dropped an ice cube down your back, and you instantly then pull back your shoulders and lift your chest, making you look super confident.

6. Treat yourself to some fresh flowers – we normally buy for others but instead buy for yourself because you are special.

7. Recognise when that negative thought and self-doubt comes into your head, and immediately say no, and make that thought disappear.

8. Set yourself a challenge – something that is out of your comfort zone, simply because you know that if you put your mind to it you can do it.

9. Smile, smile, smile, because when you do it lifts your face and it boosts your mood.

10. Finally, realise that you are in control and you write the story, so make your story the best fairy tale, with you as the leading role that is happy and full of self esteem and confidence, because you have the power to take control of your life your story.