The first thing to say is that, for sure, University life going to be full of fun, learning, and adventure, and in the process your lifestyle may change, what with no more healthy home-cooked meals from mum’s kitchen, and those endless campus parties… It is so easy to end up gaining what is known as the Fresher’s 15lbs – the amount of pounds on average a student will gain in a year. Which with too typical habits – late nights, pizza on speed-dial, stress of exams, and lack of home-cooked healthy meals – becomes very easy to creep on.

But the following simple tips will help keep every student in tiptop shape, and more importantly get you fighting fit and healthy. And the special benefits of being a healthy student instead of an unhealthy one are that studying becomes easier, your confidence soars higher, and you will have an immune system as strong as superwoman, so you won’t catch those campus bugs, and you won’t suffer so much with that nasty thing known as anxiety – plus you will be looking super-hot.


Thinking of dialling for a Domino’s pizza? Get ready for this, a large one can come in at a staggering 1467 calories! (To burn this off you would need to head out for a 14-mile jog!!)

So instead save 100’s of calories and money, and make this one:

Hawaiian Pizza

What to do:- Heat your grill to a medium heat, place your tortilla there for a minute or so, then remove. Now put a little of your tomato purée in the middle, and then spread it out to the sides, and evenly add on your grated cheese, slices of ham, and pineapple chunks. Place back under the grill till your Hawaiian Pizza is golden. Then remove, serve, and of course have with some salad.

Get enough sleep

As tempting as it is to watch the box-set of Game of Thrones till 2am in the middle of the week, simply because you can, just be warned. This can play havoc with your waistline. Those late nights are going to quickly start you gaining those lbs. This is because if we have anything less than seven hours sleep, our body produces more of a hormone known as ghrelin, and this increases appetite, because our body then needs extra energy and so looks for food. So make sure you hit the sack before 11 pm Monday to Friday. And let’s be honest, trying to study when you are tired is about as much use as a chocolate teapot!


Water, yes, keep drinking the clear stuff, and aim to drink between 6 – 8 glasses a day, as being fully hydrated keeps your brain razor- sharp and your energy levels fully charged, and there’s the added bonus of having crystal clear skin.


Create a cozy bedtime routine. For instance, have a bath with candles and full of bubbles, then put on your cozy pj’s and have a herbal tea, and head to bed and read a nice book. (No social media, switch off from the digital world for the night.)


Exercise is a student’s best friend for so many reasons: you will crush anxiety, you will keep be able to control your weight, you will be able to study harder, and more. So make exercise a habit and even if it is a quick low impact hiit workout  or a 10 minute walk around the campus – this is a sure way to keep fit, healthy and strong and in control.

These tips will help keep you that healthy fit A student. And if you want to follow the GUIDE TO STAYING FIT AND FABULOUS AT UNIVERSITY, then click here on either of the pictures below to find out more about this student friendly interactive ebook with workout videos.