Monday’s Home Workout

This workout is a great full body cardio with some excellent  dynamic moves that work you all over. Then for the final part of the workout we finish with a 3 minute standing ab workout.

Tuesday’s Home Workout

Today I am working your abs with this  cardio muffin top standing ab workout. This is always such a requested area to work, and this routine really targets  your core and gives you the best moves to work your abs and waist.

Wednesday’s  Home Workout

Let’s do some full body cardio with my Indoor Walking at Home. This fun calorie burning 15 minute workout combines specially created indoor walking exercises and body sculpting and toning moves. You will love this one.

Thursday’s  Home Workout

Today we are going to do a Total Body Sculpt, now this routine is clever as we combine cardio with sculpting.  For each area we are toning as well as  getting fitter at the same time, because we are  increasing your heart rate. So for this one I suggest you do this twice, once in the morning then once later in the day.

Friday’s  Home Workout

Lets do some Hiit training today as this is amazing for overall fitness and health. For this particular workout you have two options either low or high impact, so you can pick the move you want. And again like yesterday I am going to suggest you do this twice today, once in the morning then once more later in the day.

Saturday’s Home Workout

Today I am going to be working on your Abs and your Waist with my standing Core Workout.  You will feel this one working in all the right places. With this workout I use all 3 ranges of motion, which is forwards, sideways and rotationally which means you will get amazing results from this one.

Sunday’s Home Workout

Today we are going to focus on doing some lovely relaxation. And do if the weather is nice head outdoors for a walk  first and then do this Stretch and  Relaxation routine with me.