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Boost Your Daily Steps Challenge


Boost Your Daily Steps Challenge

For April’s Challenge we are going to be focusing on Boosting your Daily Step Count. The benefit of this is it helps to improve our physical and mental health, as well as being great for our bone, joint, heart and metabolic health.

This is a 4 Week Challenge that I have created you a Weekly Walking Workout Schedules. You simply click on the play button for the suggested walking workout.

Many of the workouts also include some lovely low impact full body toning moves.

This challenge will make you feel fabulous and super fit as well as bundles of energy. And do let me know when you have finished the 30 days how many steps in total you completed in total.

And as always my job as your trainer is to always give you the best challenges and workouts to get you the best results.

This is a FREE Challenge and you simply download the training plan (opposite), each week you can print off your 7-Day Chart and tick off each workout you complete.

If you have Limited Mobility then I would like to recommend this challenge for you which is my I AM STRONG (click here to access this)

Stay safe everyone. Lucy xx

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