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Better Health Challenge

Better Health

Better Health Challenge

For August we are going to be focusing on the most important thing of all which is your HEALTH – as I always say “our health is our everything”

This 30 Day Challenge has a lovely selection of Cardio, Full Body Weight Moves and Sculpting Workouts so we will be improving every aspect of your Health and Wellbeing.

The programme has a video link for each workout plus our normal tick boxes and some new recipes and links to useful blogs.
You don’t need any equipment and as always this is all free. Every workout you do we are taking control of your health and also investing in your future health.

As always my job as your trainer is to always give you the best challenges and workouts to keep you moving at home.
This is a FREE Challenge and you simply download the training plan (opposite), each week you can print off your 7-Day Chart and tick off each workout you complete.

If you have Limited Mobility then I would like to recommend this challenge for you which is my I AM STRONG (click here to access this)

Stay safe everyone. Lucy xx


P.S. Sadly, it has been brought to our attention that other websites that have nothing to do with me have been taking some of my challenges and either asking for visitor emails, selling access to the challenges, or using them to imply that the products sold on the site are endorsed by me. Please be assured that I NEVER endorse third party products or ask for your details when you access my free content. If you ever come across ‘spoof’ websites of this kind then please ignore them (but do please let us know so that we can try to get our content removed from them).

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