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7 Reasons Why you Swap Sit-ups for Standing Abs (if you want a more effective AB workout)

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7 Reasons Why you Swap Sit-ups for Standing Abs (if you want a more effective AB workout)

Did you know Standing Abs are one of the best ways to work your core? For so many years we have been told to do sit-ups and planks, but research now suggests that the most effective way to work your abdominals is by standing.

Here are 7 of the amazing benefits we get from doing a standing ab workout!

1. Functional Strength: Standing abs exercises often involve movements that mimic real-life activities, such as twisting, bending, and reaching. This helps to build functional core strength that translates into better stability and balance during daily activities.

2. Engages Multiple Muscle Groups: Many standing abs exercises engage not only your abdominal muscles but also other muscle groups like the obliques, lower back, hips, and legs. This leads to a more comprehensive workout that targets various parts of your core and improves overall body strength.

3. Posture Improvement: Standing abs exercises often emphasize proper alignment and posture, as maintaining a stable position while performing these movements requires good posture. Over time, this can help alleviate issues related to poor posture.

4. Calorie Burn and Fat Loss: Engaging in larger muscle groups during standing abs exercises can increase your heart rate and calorie expenditure. This can contribute to fat loss and overall cardiovascular health.  Here is a great example of a 15 Standing Ab Exercise that not only tones your Abs but also increases your calorie burn so helps with reducing excess belly fat for better health.

Click here, or on the picture to try this Free at Home Standing Ab Workout

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5. No Equipment Necessary: Many standing abs exercises can be done without any equipment, making them accessible for a wide range of fitness levels and settings.

6. Core Stability: These exercises challenge your core stability and balance, as you’re often working to maintain proper form while moving. This can lead to improved core strength in real-life situations where balance is crucial.

7. Less Strain on the Neck and Lower Back: Some people find that traditional floor-based ab exercises can cause strain on the neck or lower back. Standing abs exercises can be a more comfortable alternative for these individuals.

So now it really is time to jump off the floor to work your core! Lucy :))

If you want to find out How to do Standing Ab Exercises then I have put together a playlist for you with a selection of Ab Exercises

Here is a YouTube Playlist for more of my  Standing Ab Home Workouts. Click Here