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How To Keep Fit on Holiday – 10 Holiday Health Tips

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how to stay healthy on holiday

How To Keep Fit on Holiday – 10 Holiday Health Tips

How to Keep Fit on Holiday

Your long-awaited holiday has finally arrived and you are so excited to switch off, relax, recharge and enjoy yourself.

But the question is should you be exercising on holiday and focusing on healthy food choices????

Well in truth this is totally up to you, and there is no right or wrong answer because this is your holiday!!

If you don’t want to think about exercise or healthy eating on your vacation then that is absolutely 100% fine and equally, if you want to be active and make healthy decisions then this is also 100% fine.

The choice is yours!

If you are someone who wants to remain active and make healthier choices then read on as I have 10 tips that are going to be perfect for you, that will fit into your well-deserved holiday.

Tip 1

If you are on a beach holiday then make the most of the sand, by walking (as long as is safe) with your feet in the water and walking from one end of the beach and then back again. By walking on the sand means you have to push off with your muscles harder as the ground is so soft, then the added bonus of having the sea around your ankles means you are working on resistance for your lower body.

Tip 2

If you have a pool then swimming is an excellent low-impact cardio workout you can do, try this Interval Swimming Workout:

Swim 1 length at a moderate pace, then 1 length faster, and simply keep repeating for a set amount of lengths. 


  Tip 3

Go sightseeing. This is a great way to get your step count up. I recently went to Venice with my niece Hatti to film some walking workouts and in the afternoon, visited a couple of museums, and had a good walk around before we knew it we had walked over 20 thousand steps, so go and explore and get fit at the same time. If you would like to do some sightseeing and get fit at the same time then do the Venice Walking Workout Video with me now  (click here) 

Tip 4

If you really want to keep focused on your exercise, then why not just use 4 moves that create a full-body workout? You can do these in a small space and keep it short so you can easily squeeze into your day without taking up much time.

The Power Move Circuit

Move 1: Step Back Alternating  Lunges – aim to do 40 reps

Move 2: Straight Alternating Leg Kicks – aim to do 60 reps

Move 3:  Pretned Boxing, simply standing upright punching backwards and forwards  for 100 reps

Move 4: Press Ups ( boxed, ¾ or full)  aim for 30 reps

Or you could take my Workout Cards and create your own hotel room workout.

home workout cards

Tip 5

Make the most of the time you have to spend waiting at the airport and use this as a great opportunity to walk, so instead of sitting in the terminal just keep moving. Airports normally are fairly big so you can easily walk a good distance and this will also help you then relax more on your flight.

Tip 6

Cancel the alarm, make the most of being on holiday and aim to get a good 8 hours of sleep. If you are going to be out late then have that lie in (after all you are on holiday) and the benefit of getting a full 8 hours is going to give you a boost of energy throughout the day.

Tip 7

Drink more (and no I don’t mean cocktails!) I mean drink more water, especially if you are on a summer holiday, it is essential to keep yourself fully hydrated so keep a goal of 8 glasses a day.

Tip 8

Kickstart your day with a breakfast packed full of goodness, as this is going to make you feel fabulous all day. So if you have a breakfast buffet then your best choices are always going to be things like fresh fruits, yoghurt, eggs, grains, and avocado as these are packed full of good carbs, protein and fibre.

Tip 9

Depending on where you are staying in the world the portion sizes will vary!  so take control and if the plates at the buffet bar are double the normal size then simply use a smaller side plate, after all, you can always go back up for more.

   Tip 10

Above all just have fun and allow this time to have some mindfulness, switch off from day-to-day stresses and enjoy yourself, give your brain and body a rest. 

So wherever you are going on holiday have the best time and bon voyage. Lucy xx