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Walk with Lucy – Postcards from Paris


Walk with Lucy – Postcards from Paris



I am always thinking of ways to keep LucySquad moving and with over 1000 workouts on my YouTube Channel I wanted to come up with a new idea for a workout that was a little different. It still needed to be easy to follow, good for both mental and physical health and have the wow factor. 

Then it came to me!! a series of “Walk with Lucy” workouts.

These could be filmed in beautiful cities around the world, this way you could step into a virtual workout at home in a stunning location, completely unique and so easy to enjoy.

I decided the first city had to be Paris!


The planning had started, first of all I rang my niece Hatti and said “Can you come and film some walking videos in Paris?” Seeing as she had just finished her degree in Digital Media Production, this was perfect (plus I love spending time with my family). Needless to say her answer was a resounding “YES I CAN come to Paris!!!!”

I got straight on to booking the Eurostar and found a beautiful boutique hotel 10 minutes away from the centre of Paris. The idea was now turning into a reality. I started my research on Paris and found iconic locations to film at and put together a plan. All ideas I ran through the team (team work is dream work!) – and once we had an outline, Sandie then created a schedule to help keep everything on track.

We set off early on a Friday morning and arrived at a busy St Pancras station ready to catch the 12:30pm train to Paris. Hatti was constantly on it, banking stacks of great content, from videos to images. We used the 2 hours on the train planning extra ideas and looking on Pinterest for inspiration.


The Train pulled into the main station in Paris: the “Gare du Nord” and we stepped out to the most beautiful sunny day. The city was full of energy and the hustle and bustle was just like London but with that French twist – the smell of the boulangeries and the impressive stature of the Eiffel tower.


We jumped into the first Parisian taxi we could find and Hatti, speaking in French, gave the driver all the details. We both just sat back and enjoyed the view. 

Our Hotel was set just off a main road and had a lovely French style to it. We could not check in fast enough and both rushed off to our rooms, then quickly went and checked out each other’s rooms. Hatti’s had the most incredible balcony with a great view and mine looked out onto a beautiful courtyard full of blossom.

Time to now go off and explore, today was all about getting our bearings and of course finding the patisseries, cafes and boutique shops! We also found the most wonderful florist which a scent from the flowers that you wanted to bottle up and take home.

Paris is a great excuse to get dressed up and we booked a table for dinner in a wonderful restaurant opposite the Paris Opera, the best dish that night was grilled artichokes with a parmesan dressing. After dinner we headed back to the hotel as we had an early start for filming the next morning.

IMG_3454 2

Hatti and I meet in the hotel lobby at 6:45am so we could be out on the streets filming while the rest of Paris was fast asleep. It was a great success. We managed to create Part One of the Paris Walk – we had clear skies and empty streets – the perfect combination.

By 10 o’clock it was a wrap.

Now Paris was coming to life, so we headed back to the hotel, refreshed, and then got ready to head out to see the sites.

Of course, while you are in Paris, a croissant and coffee is a must. We found the most beautiful little French cafe in a square that was as chic as chic could be.

We did some filming for Tiktok and Instagram and then enjoyed a late well earned breakfast.

We planned the rest of our day and booked tickets to visit The Louvre.

For Saturday night we treated ourselves to a dinner in the The George V Hotel and of course another chance to dress up for dinner. The restaurant was amazing, from the flowers and service, to the food and can we just talk about possible the tastiest dished I have ever had which was the “Candied Tomatoes Tarte Tatin with Cacio E Pepe Ice Cream” (tomato tart with a cheese and pepper ice cream) 10 out of 10.

Feeling full from dinner, we headed back to the hotel as we had another early morning coming up.

Again Paris was fast asleep as we were filming Part 2 all around The Louvre and it was just us and few Parisian pigeons.

We made the most of the grounds and walked all the way up to the gardens known as the “Jardin Des Tuileries”

By midday we had filmed all we needed. We headed back to our hotel and I got straight to work on editing the videos.

For our final night in this beautiful city, we headed out early to get some lifestyle shots.

Of course we had to find Chanel while in Paris!

We had the sun setting at just the right time to get some fun lifestyle videos and images.

Last night’s dinner was all about the location!


Hatti did such an incredible job with the filming and found the not so obvious shots.


After dinner we walked in our heels and sat along the banks of the River Seine and watched the Eiffel tower sparkle against the moonlit sky.

What a magical way to end a fun couple of days away filming some workouts for you.

I do hope from this blog and the videos, that you have experienced the magic of Paris and enjoyed your workout.

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So the big question is…


Where will the next walk with Lucy be?


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