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10 Fitness Myths Busted -separating fact from fiction to get you on a healthier path

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10 fitness myths by lucy wyndham read

10 Fitness Myths Busted -separating fact from fiction to get you on a healthier path

Here are 10 Fitness Myths Busted.  Let’s separate fact from fiction and get you on the path to a healthier you!

Myth 1: Longer Workouts Are More Effective Than Short Ones!

The good news here is that shorter workouts can burn more calories than longer ones!

This is possible by the INTENSITY of the workout. If you do a shorter workout, you are more likely to be able to push yourself to work a little harder, so you burn more calories than if you did a longer workout at a lower intensity. So less really is more.

Myth 2: Doing The Plank & Sit-Ups Will Give You A Flat Stomach!

Not at all! Swap your floor-based abdominal muscle workouts and planks for standing-up cardio abdominal muscles, this way you work your abdominal muscles harder plus you have the benefit of engaging more muscles and working your cardiovascular health at the same time.

Myth 3: You Need To Lift Weights To Do Strength & Toning Exercises!

Using your body weight is just as effective as doing a workout with weights. Another benefit is you can do this type of exercise anywhere, and it is a safe way of training, so using your body weight is one of the best ways to train your body. Plus the clue is in the name BODYWEIGHT and another reason for using your body weight is best is that it is safer on your joints and you are less likely to get an injury. 

Myth 4: To Get Fit You Must Do High-Impact Moves Like High Knees, Burpees & Squat Jumps!

No, you don’t, which is great news as so many people don’t like jumping impact moves as they hurt their knees and backs. So instead of high impact, focus on high intensity these are moves that require no jumping but engage lots of muscles and work through a full range of motion, and these are great for increasing fitness.

Here is a 10 Minute Free Workout  that focuses on Low Impact but High Intensity (click here to try it)

10 Minute Workout no jumping lucy wyndham read

Myth 5: Morning Workouts Burn More Calories?

While a morning workout is great as it often means you have done it before excuses or your daily routine get in the way, the truth is no matter what time of the day you work out you will always burn the same amount of calories and get the same effects, the key is just to make sure you do your workout AM or PM!

Myth 6: Exercise Makes You Tired.

It’s quite the opposite as exercise is one of the best ways to stop you from feeling tired because when you exercise your body generates energy.


Myth 7: The Only Reason To Exercise Is To Lose Weight!

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight or not everyone should look at exercising to care for their physical and mental health. When you exercise you do more than just burn calories, you boost your heart health, you strengthen your bones, you reduce anxiety, you increase your energy and you mobilise your joints and the list goes on. As I always say exercise is medicine and the best way we can all look at investing in our future health.

Myth 8: No Pain, No Gain!

While some discomfort is expected during workouts, excessive pain can indicate injury. It’s important to listen to your body and avoid pushing through severe pain.

Myth 9: Carbs Should Be Avoided For Weight Loss!

Carbohydrates are a crucial energy source, especially for active individuals. Focus on complex carbs like whole grains and vegetables while controlling portions.

Myth 10: Sweat Equals Calories Burned!

Sweat is not a direct indicator of calorie burn. It’s your body’s way of cooling down. Effective workouts can occur without excessive sweating.

So that’s  10 Fitness  Myths Busted.  Which now proves how easy it truly is to look after our health.