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10 Tips to Help a Busy Mum Lead a Healthy Lifestyle


10 Tips to Help a Busy Mum Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

As a Mum you will already be juggling so many things at once such as the school run, cooking, work to name but a few. Then to find an hour to head to the gym or prepare an over complicated healthy dish for one is out of the question. But don’t give up on having a healthy lifestyle, I have produced 10 top tips that are going to help you achieve this. Each of these tips can be squeezed into a busy day and will keep you on track on your healthy lifestyle journey. Some of them you may also be able to get your family and friends to do too.

Tip 1:

Less is more when it comes to working out, shorter workouts can actually have a better impact as in that shorter time you put in 100 percent and all of my shorter workouts I use what is known as Multi Compound and Multi directional moves, this means you work 100s of muscles (that includes all the smaller ones ) all at once and the benefit is you tone up all over and super charge your metabolic rate. So you can now hopefully squeeze in a 4 or 7 minute workout and of course you can do this at home with no equipment.

Tip 2:

Aim for 8 glasses of water a day, this really is one of the best ways to keep you energised, it’s amazing for your skin and can make such a big impact on your health and wellness, so this is a quick and easy tip to adopt to keep you on that healthy lifestyle path.

Tip 3

Focus on consuming less sugar and salt in your diet, beware of these two ingredients and always look on food labels as so many foods that we think are healthy, for example some cereals, are actually laden with sugar and salt. So be smart and always read the small print. This is one of those tips that you could adopt for the whole family, which will make it easier for you.

Tip 4

If you fancy a snack, and to be honest we all do at some point, then swap biscuits and sweets for nuts and seed as these are incredibly nutritious and packed high in protein, fibre and have a variety of vitamins and minerals. If you do have a craving for something sweet then try and go for a square of dark chocolate.

Tip 5

Try and go for a quick walk, it could be with a buggy if you have young children or if they are older and at school then try and get out for a quick walk on your own or with friends or even involve the whole family. Walking is one of the most natural exercises we can do and heading outdoors gives us that boost of vitamin d and helps with our mental and physical health, so even if it is 5 minutes to the end of the road and back, it all adds up to leading that healthier lifestyle.

Tip 6

Whilst some stress is often unavoidable, the key is how we deal with it. To help you deal with the stress that we all have in our lives it is important to try and always just to find a little me time within your day, the benefit of this is that it will help to manage your stress. Your “me” time could be just sitting quietly looking into the garden whilst drinking a cup of tea, reading the newspaper or listening to a podcast or adopting a relaxation routine before bedtime, it doesn’t need to be for long but those short intervals of time that you focus on you will really help you manage stress and help you take those steps to a healthier lifestyle.

Tip 7

Aim to have a wide variety of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet, even chop up some vegetables and put in a container in your fridge so that you can grab these to snack on. By ensuring that you have a variety each day you will get an abundance of vitamins and minerals, so try and make sure that your plate is a rainbow of colours as this will help you lead that healthier lifestyle.

Tip 8 

One of the most important tips I can give you is to become your own best friend and love who you are. We all tend to be so hard on ourselves and this has a significant impact on our mental health, so be kind to yourself and remember that your body is amazing as it allowed you to become a mum.

Tip 9

Try and improve your posture, always be aware of yours, it is so easy to slouch, especially when we are tired. If you find yourself slouching then straighten yourself up and drawn your belly button in towards your spine, this not only helps keep your body in good alignment and makes you appear slimmer it will also make you look super confident.

Tip 10

My last tip is that if like so many of us you are on social media, remember that most people will post about the good times that they are having and what they want you to see. So be sure to only follow people that inspire you, educate you or make you giggle so that you are encouraged, and your mood lifted by positivity.

Enjoy time for you – you’re a mum but also a woman with her own needs to remember what it was like before being a mum. Exercise is a great way to achieve this ‘me time’ so make the most of it!

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