Do I need to wear trainers, if I am exercising at home?

This is a question I get asked all the time!

Firstly, let’s set the record straight. Trainers are fitness shoes with a good cushioning heel and sole, so even though I do love my Converse I would never work out in these as they are a fashion shoe and not a workout shoe.

Basically,  the sole is key when it comes to your trainers, fashion trainers are for looking fabulous in and not for exercising in.

 What sort of workouts should you wear your trainers for? Anything that involves a high impact move, because your trainers help to take out the impact of the move through the cushioning in the shoe, (as this absorbs the shock)  as opposed to landing barefoot, which causes the impact to go through our joints. This is why I would always recommend that you use trainers for this sort of exercise.

However, if you are doing low impact moves with no jumps,  then you can do this “trainer free”  as you have no impact. Therefore it is safe to workout barefoot and this is one thing I really love about low impact workouts at home.

A  good way of thinking of this is,  high intensity workout equals trainers low intensity workout equals barefoot or cosy socks.

And finally as I always get asked, what are the best trainers? That one is hard to answer as there are so many good choices out there, so what I would say is have this tick list when it comes to buying your trainers,  a supportive fitting shoe✔️ a well cushioned heel ✔️ and of course a lovely colour😂