How can I lose weight during the menopause?

A common question asked by many women going through the menopause is “How to Lose Menopause Weight”, and especially how to lose the menopause belly! The good news is that with the right lifestyle choices you can look at losing middle age weight gain and getting your waistline back.

But the trick is to make sure you do the right exercises, alongside focusing on other important factors such as healthy food choices and the right portion sizes. Let’s start by looking at exercise.  And as a trainer with over 20 years experience and over 225 Million views on my YouTube Channel I have helped literally millions of people feel and look their best.

When it comes to Perimenopause and Menopause we want to look at working on bodyweight moves, as this helps to reverse the effect known as Sarcopenia – this is where our muscle tissue starts to deactivate which will reduce our natural calorie burn. BUT THE GOOD NEWS is that with these exercises we can change this and naturally increase your body’s abilities to burn more calories and get back to how we felt and looked before.

The Menopause Belly Workout

(and do read down below for top tips on what to do and why and also what not to do)


This calorie burning move helps to shape and sculpt your waist as well as working on your balance and flexibility.


This step-back move is a great full body move and tones you all over, and this bodyweight exercise helps to strengthen your bones to help prevent osteoporosis.


This one is amazing for the menopause as it ticks all the boxes – a great fat burner, shapes your waist, tones your arms and legs, works on your balance, improves your flexibility and strengthens your bones


Another great *MCM & *MDM exercise that has exactly the same benefits as move three.


This floor-based move is great.You strengthen through the bones in your arms and shoulders, and it does wonders for lifting the bust, as well as shaping and sculpting your arms. If you find it to hard to come onto the floor you can do this leaning into a wall or a worktop.

What to Avoid

One common mistake many perimenopause and menopausal women make, in a bid to get their waistline back, is to do exercises like the Plank and Sit-ups, and these actually can end up broadening our waistline. So instead we need to be doing standing cardio ab exercises, as this increases the calorie burn, helping to reduce excess belly fat. And by doing a special combination of MCM and MDM (stands for multi compound moves and multi directional moves) you draw in the waist muscles and increase the amount of body fat your body burns.

The other form of exercise is cardio, as this helps to keep your heart strong and is also great for energy and reducing stress.  This can be my Free Indoor Walking Workouts or simply going for a run, bike ride, swim, or anything that is going to help get your heart rate up.

And this is where exercise is truly a girl’s best friend going through the menopause, as it will help control your weight, shape your waist, keep your heart strong, reduce anxiety, keep your joints supple, and most importantly make you realise that this is simply a new chapter in your life where you can still look and feel your best.

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