Before I run through my tips, I just want to say that as your online trainer I am here to do everything I can to help keep you and your family as upbeat, healthy, and motivated as possible through this challenging time. Remember: stay home, stay safe, and we will all get through this.


Set a schedule, as we all need routine.  All of a sudden our routines have disappeared, which can cause us stress without even realising. None of us will have seen this coming, leaving us unprepared. So now what we need to do is establish a new routine we can follow while we are all in quarantine. A good idea is to set a plan for Monday to Friday, that is going to keep you busy and productive, then treat the Saturdays and Sundays just like a standard weekend, and maybe lie in and have more downtime. This will help you feel more in control


Mindfulness is a must, this is what our minds need more than ever. Forget what happened yesterday as that has gone, and don’t get your mind overthinking and worrying about what is going to happen in the next few weeks, as that is all out of your control for now. However what you are in control of is what is happening right now, today, so live in this moment and be mindful of the here and now.


Connect with others. While we can’t go out and visit our friends for a coffee as we are all self-isolating and staying at home, we can still connect with each other via online and other means, so you don’t ever need to feel alone. My Lucyssquad community was born over 3 years ago and has always been a really positive place to share your thoughts and ideas or simply just talk. Now more than ever this support is perfect, because as humans we are meant to interact and communicate. So remember that you are not alone, and your neighbours are now worldwide through the wonderful web. If you haven’t done so already, come and join our group here now, and you need never feel lost or isolated.  JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP HERE


Exercise! I have been offering free home fitness for many years and this is what is going to keep you healthy, fit and strong, both mentally and physically, while at home. Our bodies are designed to move, so while we are stuck indoors we need to find a way to stay active, and this is where I am here to help give you all you need. I have over 950 workouts so there is always something for everyone and also to suit every mood.

ENERGY BOOST: This is for when you want a quick energy boost that is not a workout

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GET YOUR STEP COUNT UP: Follow any of my Indoor Walks –

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GET YOUR KIDS MOVING: (acting in my capacity as a qualified trainer in children’s exercise – which for kids’ fitness is so important)

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GET THE FAMILY UPBEAT AND HAVING SOME FUN: This upbeat & fun family-friendly indoor virtual assault course is great –

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SHORT QUICK WORKOUT – JUST 7 MINUTES: Quick but effective workout. This helps to burn off any excess calories that we may all be eating whilst staying at home, and this video is the most liked workout video on YouTube, with over 53 million downloads – because it works

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What we eat has a big impact on our mood and energy levels, so making healthy choices is going to make you feel so much better. This will also really help with your energy levels. So, for breakfast opt for something that is going to slowly release energy through the first part of the day. If possible limit the sweet treats, and try and swap these for vegetable sticks, or fruit. Here is a good example of how to enjoy eating a healthy balanced diet:

Breakfast: Porridge or scrambled egg on wholemeal toast

Snack: Apple with a little cheese

Lunch: Homemade soup – this is a great way to get cooking and can be done using any vegetables you have, whether frozen, fresh, or even tinned. Plus this is a great way of getting in your 5 a day. You can make a big batch to feed the family, or if you’re on your own, cook a big batch and then you can freeze it.

Snack: Why not have a go at getting creative and making a healthy snack of your own, this will help stimulate your creativity. So turn into your own chef, have a look in the cupboards, and see what you can do.

TRY THIS: If you have an egg, 1 banana, and some dark chocolate powder, then try this.

Simply, in a bowl, mash up your banana to a paste, then whisk an egg, mix all together, then add in a little chocolate powder. Place into a cup that you can use in a microwave, and cook on full power for about 90 seconds. (Make sure it’s cooked all the way through.) Then remove and enjoy this healthy chocolate mug cake.

Dinner:  Make dinner  a wonderful experience. Set the table, light some candles, and take your time to enjoy it. And again go for healthy choices, and remember a key thing is not to go big on your portions. Stick with smaller size portions.

For dinner go for any lean meat, or if you are vegetarian a quorn/tofu or soya, alongside some oven-roasted vegetables.

And remember the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time make those healthy choices and stick to the right size portions, then the other 20% of the time have a little of what you fancy.


Kindness is one of the most rewarding things we can do for others but also for ourselves. More than ever we need kindness in the world. So, reach out to others, even if it is in the form of a long email you send to someone you have not spoken to for ages, or if you just draw a picture illustrating what someone means to you. Kindness is very good for your soul and helps reduce anxiety, so make someone smile and make someone feel special.


Being creative is wonderful for keeping our minds healthy, so whether it is writing a short creative story, filming a blog, writing a poem, drawing a picture, or whatever, just explore your creative side. We now actually have the time to do this and you can spend many hours in a positive place in the process of creating something new.

Here is a good tip: why not find some uplifting positive quotes, write these out on pieces of paper, perhaps adding your own illustrations and then stick them around the house.

The last and the most important message I have for you is: stay home, stay moving and stay positive. For you as your online trainer I am always here to help you stay on track. We are all in this together and by fighting this together, we will win, we will beat this and the world we live in will be a better place.