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7 Minute Workout

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how 7 minute workouts work

7 Minute Workout

Are 7 minutes enough?

So is 7 minutes enough for an effective workout? Well, the answer is most definitely YES!!

The first 7-minute workout that I created has a unique set of 7 bodyweight moves that help to strip off the inches and burn off body fat fast.

With over 103 Million views it has now become one of the most liked workout videos on YouTube with over 1.7 million likes and simply because it works and it is effective. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

On average people are losing from between 1 – 2 inches from  their waistline following this home-based 7-minute workout.

How does the 7-minute workout help you lose inches?

In my specially created routine I focus on using certain moves known as Multiple Compound, these work all your major muscles groups, which means you burn more calories, where as many other workouts only use smaller muscle groups resulting in a smaller calorie burn. So if you are looking for healthy weight loss, then following any of my 7-minute workouts will do this and at the same time increase your physical and mental health.

Visit my Lucy Sevens page to see my 7 minute workouts. CLICK HERE

So what is a 7-minute workout?

It is a short workout that obviously is just 7 minutes long, and I simply use 7 exercises that you complete for a duration of 60 seconds each. The great thing with this being so short is that you can easily find time in the day to squeeze this in.

As a trainer with over 20 years of experience, I have developed a unique method that is very different from other traditional workouts.

For example, so many other trainers will use small moves that don’t really affect the calorie burn. A great example of this is the plank – this will not burn calories and actually broadens the waistline. Yet if you follow the first move of mine that I use in my 7 Minute Belly Fat workout, this helps strip off belly fat and tone and sculpt your waist and ab muscles at the same time. So the secret behind the 7-minute workout is the special combination of my unique exercise moves.

See some of the great results people have had with these types of workout. CLICK HERE.

How many times a week should I exercise?

I suggest you simply follow my 7-minute workout for 7 days and I set this as a 7-day challenge – which is totally doable. And people see amazing results. Fitness and health are about lifestyle and making something consistent, and this is why 7 minutes works because we can all find 7 minutes a day to do a seven-minute Lucy workout.



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