Can you lose weight simply by walking? the answer is yes you can walk yourself slim. So firstly walking is one of the most natural exercises we can do and it is a great way to lose weight.

But there is one thing you need to do to ensure you are walking the right way to walk off the inches. This short video explains exactly how to perfect your technique so you can melt off those excess calories with each stride.

As with any exercise it is about making it part of your lifestyle, so aim to do 5 walks a week, and if it is raining outside or too dark, then I have the perfect solution for you, because you can follow my FREE INDOOR WALKING WORKOUTS  and these have literally helped millions of people lose weight and more importantly invest in their health.

With over 16 different Walking Workouts you can do at home you have plenty to select from.

So remember as I mention in the video the important thing is to add those short bursts of walking a little faster and push it to that level 3, because that will bring on the EPOC effect so your body will be burning heaps more calories, which is why walking is a great way of losing weight.