The more active you are throughout your day, the more calories your body will burn, and there are lots of easy ways you can crank up your daily calorie burn.

And even if you just go up and down the stairs a few extra times this could easily add an extra 40 calories to your daily burn, then instead of sitting and talking on the phone  jump up and walk and talk, because a 10 minute conversation will take you into double figures with an approximate calorie burn of 100! And you can see how just those two will give you an a whopping 140 melted calories. Down below I have the A to Z of the best ways of upping your burn throughout the day.


So next time you are sat at your desk don’t forget to do some marching feet, and then while you are waiting for that kettle to boil do some high knees on the spot, because after all every little counts. And it is a numbers game calories in versus calories out is what we should focus on. So just keep your body moving at every opportunity and this has a knock on effect on your energy levels and of course the more energy we have the more active we are, so it is a win win situation.