Our bodies are designed to move, and the more that we move the more energy we have, and the better we feel and look. Yet many of us spend a lot of our time sitting, due to desk jobs and long hours, which then means we tend to have less energy, and we are less likely to want to exercise, and more inclined to sit down even more.This can easily become a vicious circle, especially if we have to try and find an hour in the day to go the gym!!

But the good news is you don’t need to do that, and better still, instead of 60 minutes, you can do your workouts in just 7 minutes, in the comfort of your own home!!

SO HERE IS HOW THIS WORKS: Let’s agree that 7 minutes is totally doable, as we can all squeeze in a 7 minute morning workout, just by setting that alarm a little early. And this is going to pay huge dividends on your health, mental state, and body shape.But you don’t need to stop there, because you could always do something quick and short at lunchtime. Again just another 7 minutes. Especially if you have a sedentary desk job, as this will help to boost your energy levels and keep you fully refreshed for the afternoon. So you can prevent that common afternoon energy crash and instead you will have bundles of energy.

In the evenings we don’t need to always watch TV sitting on the couch. You could simply stand up and follow along to one of my workouts while you watch your favourite show, by using your phone or computer just by the side of the TV – and you can even mute me on the video and just copy along with the moves that you see me doing.

This way you will have done 3 workouts in one day, and the great benefit of this is that you will have increased your health, kept your energy levels fully topped up, sped up your calorie burn, reduced any excess body fat, and toned up all over.

In summary, in regard to how many times a day you can work out, my answer is simply break it up into short sessions and keep moving throughout the day, because repeated shorter workouts are way more effective than longer ones.

The other top bit of advice is simply listen to your body, and if you have a day you feel exhausted then take a day off – but trust me, the more active you are the more alive you feel.


My 7 Minute Lose Belly Fat Workout 

My Seated Workout

My Indoor Walking Workout

If you do, please let me know on social media how you felt come day 8.