I am going to keep this simple – when we move our body it requires energy, which in turn burns calories, so the more you move your body the more calories you will burn in a day, and also the bigger and more dynamic the move, the higher the calorie burn.

This is why in all my workouts I use what I refer to as Multi Directional Moves and Multi Compound – this means we work lots of muscles at once, and we get the body to travel though a full range of motion. Hence increasing that calorie burn.

So here is an example for you. This is a typical exercise I do to tone your tummy and burn off fat all at once.

As you can see in this video, I am using my whole body, and moving it through its full range of motion

Whereas the famous exercise that everyone associates with getting great abs, “The Plank”, is not doing either Multi Directional Moves or Multi Compound, instead it is just static and burns hardly any calories. Plus it can actually put pressure through the kneecaps, and although it will engage the transverse abdominis, known as the deepest ab, and so it will help strengthen the core, that is all that it does. And for any women wanting to get a curvy waist, this exercise can actually broaden your waist muscles. So do be warned, this famous exercise is not all it is cracked up to be.

Whereas if you do my move above (as shown in video) you are going be burning off calories, toning and sculpting your abs, increasing active metabolic tissue (the more of this you have the higher your natural calorie burn becomes), and you also improve your balance and flexibility. And doing this for 60 seconds will be so much more fun than staring at the floor for 60 seconds doing the plank!

This is the reason my short workouts work so well, because we use Multi Directional Moves and Multi Compound.

And better yet, because my workouts are focusing on intensity and get us sweating, this has a knock-on effect known as EPOC. This stands for Excess Post Oxygen Consumption, and it means after you have finished, for example, my 7-minute workout, your metabolism is raised by approximate 35 calories an hour for at least 10 hours afterwards. Meaning you can burn off easily about 350 calories extra throughout the day. This is because your body has moved so much

and used so many muscles that your metabolic system continues to work at a higher intensity internally, and takes time to adjust back to its pre-exercising state.

This is where doing my quick home workouts is a great way to help with healthy weight loss and to increase your fitness. So no need to head to they gym or spend an hour training. After all less is more.