Here are some easy suggestions of ways to stay healthy and fit while flying. So first of all being seated for long periods of time can slow down our metabolism and as our bodies are designed to move it feels unnatural to sit for long periods of time, especially when it comes to long haul flights, so by doing some sedated exercises are a great way to keep as active as possible while you fly.In the video above you can see some airplane seated friendly moves.

Also if you can on a long haul flight try every few hours to walk up and down the plane, obviously with the consideration of your fellow passengers.

Be sure to keep your hydration levels full topped up,  because when flying it is so easy to become dehydrated, so drink plenty of water and don’t wait till you are thirsty as this means you are already low on water, so be ahead of the game and keep sipping away.

Sleeping is a great way to help keep your body fit and healthy as this is the time it repairs itself, so if you can get some shut eye then make the most of this and nod off.

When it comes to eating it goes without saying the healthier choices you make the better you will feel, so avoid any processed foods, and sugary snacks, as these will even though they.

Make the most of the time you fly to just switch of the hustle and bustle off daily life, as you really are unreachable whilst you are up in the air, so take a nice book and give your mind a break and make the most of letting your brain switch off and give it a break and refresh your mind and wellbeing.

And most of all enjoy you travels ahead.