What is the best time to exercise?

what is the best time to exercise

What is the best time to exercise?

Is it best to work out in the morning or in the evening? This is a question I get asked all the time, and the honest answer is that it all boils down to personal preference. Because both AM and PM have their advantages, but what is most important is that your time slot has to work for YOU – this way you will make it part of your lifestyle. So if you are not an early morning person, then work out later in the day; equally if you are an early riser, then get it done first thing in the morning.

The benefit of the morning slot is that you will have got it done and you will feel super good that you have taken control of your physical and mental health ahead of the day. Plus doing that workout will ignite your calorie burn for the day ahead.

Yet if your preferred choice is PM then this still has advantages, because you will tend to be more flexible as your muscles are warmer later in the day, and working out later can also aid in a good night’s sleep. Plus, just as in the morning, you will actively be burning more calories even while you sleep.

So pick your favourite. And a top tip for the morning is: get your kit ready the night before, and decide your workout in advance – this could be my morning routine or a quick power walk.

If you are opting for later in the day, then have all your workout clothes laid out, so when you come home from work you can jump into your fitness outfit before being tempted to jump on the sofa – and here is a good workout you could do my 7 Minute Home Workout.

Equally you can make the most of your lunchtime, and if you have an office job try and get a quick walk in, even if it is just around the office. This will help increase your energy levels for the afternoon ahead, and curb any urges for sugary snacks mid-afternoon.

So, to sum up, the best time is the time that suits you. And you can go with both morning and evening, because our bodies are designed to move, and the more you do the better you feel.