How to lose weight through the menopause and how to lose the menopause belly! is probably one of the most common questions I get asked by women over 50 (well actually also women over 40) and guess what my answer is “easy with the right exercises” because as a trainer with over 25 year’s experience I know why we start to gain weight around our middle and why we get that middle age spread and better still I KNOW HOW TO GET RID OF IT AND KEEP IT OFF.

So as we hit our 40’s our muscles mass slowly starts to slightly decline (if we do not exercise) as our body simply has no need to burn as many calories as we have less active muscle tissue. Hence that expression “use it or lose it” so we can turn this around by doing the right exercises, but it has to be the right ones, which are multi compound moves meaning they use lots of muscles all at once. The great thing with these is that they are super quick to do, and you only ever use your own body weight.  The result of doing these exercises is that you then generate more active muscle tissue which then naturally fires up a once declining calorie burn. Then in our 50’s or when the menopause arrives is when we have a shuffle in our hormones and our oestrogen starts to dip,  but again here comes the magic word with the right “exercises” we can help stimulate the production of our hormones which will help to then reduce any excess body fat we have gained.

Another important hormone we need to get working is one called HGH this is the Human Growth Hormone as this helps to speed up our calorie burn plus this hormone is responsible for plumping up our skin, making our hair shinny and giving us a sparkle in our eyes. This is why in Hollywood certain A-list celebrities have HGH Injections for this effect, but nobody ever needs to go to that extreme as we can do this all through exercise, and excuse the pun but that is the beauty of exercise.

By adding in interval training to workouts is what melts that middle age fat fast,  when you do those short burst of exercising a little bit harder. This can be applied to anything from walking to swimming. Here is an example: “Walk off the Menopause Weight Workout “ (you can listen to a snippet on this page) I created this and it is 16 minutes long, we do short bursts of faster walking as this puts a spike in your intensity levels so it will help increase your bodes ability to burn 100’s  more calories.

Then let’s also look at food because  it is important to make the right food choices, have plenty of vegetables, lean meats, pluses, good fats and always have protein with every meal, be careful on that sweet stuff known as sugar because this will greatly increase weight gain, so just aim to eat healthy home-made food and always check the sugar content. If you see on the  food label that the ingredients of sugar per 100g are over 6g then put it back as this is high, (and if you are new to reading labels you will be so shocked to see how many products that you may think are healthy are actually stuffed with sugar).

So the good news here is THAT YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT OVER THE AGE OF 40 and the MENOPAUSE is not an illness and does not mean we have to buy bigger clothes! far from it, we can continue to look and feel fabulous and ooze confidence  for this new exciting chapter and adventure ahead. It is just a matter of doing the right exercises to combat menopause fat and eating the right foods rich in the vitamins and minerals we need.