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10 Tips for Improving Your Sleep

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tips to sleep better

10 Tips for Improving Your Sleep

Do you know that sleeping is a big part of having a healthy lifestyle and can greatly improve your health? If you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, then the following 10 Top Tips will help you sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed. This will not only make you feel better, but it can also help improve your memory, increase your energy, control your appetite, lift your mood, manage your weight and boost your immune system.

1: SWITCH OFF TO SOCIAL MEDIA: Switch off your phone, do this at least 45 minutes before bedtime and not in bed. This is for two reasons: Social Media – depending on what you read or see, can heighten your stress levels; Also your brain associates the brightness that comes from the screen on your device  with daylight, so therefore hormones associated with waking up to daylight can be released.

2: READ A BOOK:  A nice easy read, with a warm bedside lamp, will help your mind unwind and ease you gently to a peaceful sleep,

3: SET A TIME AND SET A ROUTINE: During the week it is a really good idea to set a regular time and always be in bed at the time. The ideal time to be in bed is between 10 – 10.30 pm, and, if you can, make this your Monday-to-Friday must, as we all work better with a set routine, and your body clock will adjust to this.

4: SLEEP SPACE: Try not to sleep in a room with clutter and mess, keep your sleep space clear. So even if you are a little messy, just always keep that bedroom tidy.

5: LISTEN TO RELAXING AUDIO: Close your eyes and listen to some relaxing sounds online. You can find lots of peaceful noises to drift off to – streams running, owls, or even light rain. And I have created a relaxing meditation to help your mind switch off and drift to a peaceful place to fall asleep.

6: COSY BEDDING: When you think about how important sleep is for your health, it is worth investing in comfortable bedding, so make sure you have a good mattress and nice duvet and sheets. And maybe instead of buying that expensive dress just invest in delicious bedding, remembering all the benefits you will get from that good night’s sleep.

7: RELAX: If you wake up in the middle of the night or early hours don’t panic and put yourself under pressure. Just try and relax, and remember even just lying in bed is your body resting, and when you get yourself worked up you will then take longer to get back to sleep. So just chill and lie there, and think of a dream holiday, or take yourself off to a magical place.

8: PILLOW PERFUME: Scents are a great way of calming us, and my personal favourite is a little spray of lavender on my pillow.

9: BEDTIME DRINK: Try and avoid any stimulants such as coffee or alcohol before bedtime, and instead try a mug of hot milk, or a chamomile tea to help you relax.

10: CREATE A DREAM BOOK: This is something I do, if I find I have lots of stress and I want to switch off. I have a notebook full of my own little creative headings that I think of, and fall asleep to, so creating a dream.