Get ready to see your waistline shrink  and that belly fat melt away with these 20 tips, and even if you just apply 10 out of the 20 you will see those inches melt away. And as a trainer with over 25 years experience I know how to get results. Check out the pictures on the right here from my workouts and plans.

Tip 1: Cut back on the cocktails, as alcohol is full of calories and it is  like a magnet to your waistline, so you don’t need to completely cut it out but just cut back.

Tip 2: Swap tea for coffee, with extra milk, syrups and fancy toppings are stacked sky high full of calories, so swap for tea instead.

Tip 3: Don’t buy it, so for me I have such a sweet tooth and I know for a fact if I buy a packet of biscuits there is no way on the earth they are going to stay in a draw and slowly be  eaten over a month, they will be  in a matter of minutes, so I simply don’t buy them, avoiding the temptation.

Tip 4: 4 days a week ban sugar, okay so we know sugar is everywhere, but if you can try and do 4 day’s  a week and  have a complete ban from it,  you will see amazing results and this gives you a great way to explore new foods and snacks.

Tip 5: Turn the TV into your trainer, and every time those ads come on jump off the sofa and get marching or do high knees on the spot, then you can sit back down on that sofa and be burning off heaps more calories for the next episode.

Tip 6: Follow my 7 Minute To Lose Belly Fat In 7 Days YouTube Channel

Tip 7: Walk away from that craving, when you have a sugary craving come and tap you on the shoulder, just put on your trainers, and head out for a quick walk, this will boost your energy levels and crush that craving in seconds.

Tip 8: Brush your teeth more than just twice a day, brush after every meal, that  way you are less likely to crave sugary things when you have that minty fresh feeling in your mouth.

Tip 9: Be super smart and never fall for any silly, pill, drink, magic potion, or gadget to help you melt off those excess lbs, the only way to do it is with the right nutrition, movement and being patient, this way it stays off for good.

Tip 10: Distract your mind from that sugary craving by painting your nails, and by the time they have dried that sugary craving will have vanished.

Tip 11: Swap sodas for your own homemade fizzy drink,  make a pitcher of it with fizzy water and all your favourite fruit slices in it.

Tip 12: Make you own popcorn, it is so easy then, and make a big batch it lasts for ages in an air tight container, then add a little bit of cinnamon powder and a vanilla pod to give it flavour.

Tip 13: Do your lunges (or any other compound toning moves) as these done 3 – 4 times a week will keep your body burning calories at it’s optimal level.

Tip 14: Be a Cinderella and be in bed before 10:30pm  as lack of sleep can cause havoc on your metabolism and slows it down.

Tip 15: Become a number one avocado fan, as these fruits are great for belly fat busting as these will keep you fuller for longer the have healthy fats to keep your body burning off calories faster.

Tip 16: Downsize, If you have large plates and bowls then do what the Greek do and smash them, and go and buy some small ones as this way you can easily get those portions sizes right with each meal, (and larger plates can often mean double the calories- which heads straight to the tummy)

Tip 17: Stress less as stress not only makes us frown but it can also increase higher levels of cortisol, and when this happens it can increase appetite and drive excess calories to store fat on our tummy. Easier said than done, but try and do less of the things that cause you stress.

Tip 18: Be an early bird First thing in the morning do one of the following depending on your fitness level, sitting on the edge of the bed do 20 punches up towards the ceiling. Or standing up do 20 alternating knee lifts, or 20 star jumps, any 3 of these will kick start your calorie burning process into gear.

Tip 19: Become a Master Chef, and start being creative in the kitchen, and cut out processed food as processed often equals high sugar and high fat, so getting cooking and you still keep it simple.

Tip 20: Try this for a day

Breakfast: Mashed avocado with a squeeze of lime on wholemeal toast

Snack: Cucumber sticks with cottage cheese and poppy seeds

Lunch: Tuna, butter and kidney bean salad with rocket and red onion and drizzle of virgin extra olive oil

Snack: 1 Peach and a few cashew nuts

Dinner: Garlic and ginger prawns with brown rice and baby sweetcorn