Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight and melt off  inches and look after your health. The secret to getting it right is  is to walk at a brisk enough pace, and within my Audio Walking Workout we focus on doing short bursts of faster walking (high intensity interval training). This is where I coach you to walk a little faster so the effort feels more challenging. These are only for between 20-40 seconds, and then we bring the intensity back down. This has an amazing effect your bodies ability to burn calories , as it produces an effect known as EPOC (excessive post oxygen consumption).  So this is the really exciting bit, because by adding these intervals it means you get an after effect burn, so this is where your body burns calories at a higher rate for hours after you have finished exercising. This can burn off an extra 35 calories an hour and can stay at an elevated rate for up to 10 hours, so you can see why I get excited about this, and why weight loss then becomes easy, as that is going to be an extra 350 calories you burn off even after exercising. So now you can start to see that by doing interval walking is how you can melt off those inches.

Believe it or not, walking can turn back the clock, so not only are you losing weight but your are treating your body and will get that beautiful glow and radiance after your walk,  this is simply because when we workout  we  help to promote the hormone that is responsible for fighting ageing, which is known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH). In our 30’s this hormone naturally starts to decrease, and the result of this is we lose the plumpness and radiance in our skin, so this is why as we age our skin texture and looks start to change! And in Hollywood people pay fortunes to have injections which contain HGH Hormone just so they can improve the look of their skin, but the good news is that you can actually re stimulate and increase this hormone, and we do this simply by exercise, as exercise increases the production of it. And especially when you are exercising regularly, your body will then be producing this hormone back into your system. What this results in is that you boost your collagen levels, so it plumps up your skin, which can help reduce fine lines, and it can give you the radiance back in your skin (whatever your age).

Pace 1 = This would be the average pace you would walk around home.

Pace  2 = This would be a slightly faster pace, but you would still be able to hold a full conversation on your mobile phone whilst walking, so probably the pace you would walk to bus.

Pace 3 = This would be walking at a brisk pace and you would not be able to hold a full conversation, only answer with a yes or no, and you would feel slightly out of breath! You are now on a winner, as this is the optimal walking speed you need, to  melt off excess body fat, plump up your kin with that dose of HGH hormone and lose those inches.

Pace  4 = Walking so fast you are locking out all your joints and look similar to the road-race walkers, and feel so out of breath you can’t speak! Well this is too much, and you need to reduce that pace back down to a Level 3.