Don’t overwhelm yourself and think you have to straight away be able to run a mile; instead swap a mile for minutes. Over a few weeks simply build up the amount of minutes that you run, and before you know it you will be able to run flat out for 10 minutes, which will be your first mile.

*Take the talk test when you are out running. If you find that you are able to quite easily hold a light conversation, then hallelujah you are running at the right pace which should be moderate, but if you cannot even say one word, then slow down, speed queen, as you will not be able to sustain running at this pace for long, and it could put you off running for eternity. So always do the talk test when you are out on your run.

*Now, it is 100 per cent worth investing in good running shoes, for 2 reasons – the first is that it will help make your running feel easier when you get a good quality running shoe and it will help prevent any injury, since if you get a good cushioned shoe this will take out the impact; and the second reason is that investing in some fab trainers, and spending a little extra, will give you the incentive and motivation to make full use of them. And don’t forget: just like with Cinderella, “a pair of shoes can change your life”.

*Apply the 2 R’s when you are running. This is Relax into your stride, and then find your right Rhythm. I swear by this, and whenever I am coaching clients I consistently say relax and rhythm, because when you get this right you can run for miles and miles.

*Lose the clenched fist. So many newbies to running end up tensing their hands and clenching their fists. This can cause tension in the shoulders, and also takes up excess energy that you could instead be using to help with your running. Instead imagine that in your hands you have a butterfly that you are keeping hold of and you don’t want to crush it.

*Set a plan. If you are serious about this, treat it like a project, and block out times over the next few weeks that you plan on training, and commit to this. And keep visualising how amazing you are going to feel when you cross the finish line of that 5k and pick up your medal. (BECAUSE THIS IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE!)

*For your training I would suggest for the first couple of weeks just aiming to do 4 times a week, and just do 10 minutes of intervals of running, then, when you need to, walk.

Then the next two weeks simply run for longer, and also add in one extra session of doing toning exercises, as these will help to condition your muscles, making running easier.

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