So whether you are a petite A or a voluptuous Double D we can all have perkier breasts. And yes you can do this and without any equipment and it as little as 2 minutes a day, IT WORKS! I PROMISE, and here’s how.

As a female trainer with 20 years experience, I know all about toning and sculpting so I was always keen to keep my assets high and prevent them sagging I did some research and designed a workout, to help naturally lift the bust, that I then trailed it on myself and clients within just 14 days all noticed a lift in the bust. And if you want to tone those arms then this is the book for you, find out more

I want to explain how this works as once you understand you will see how it makes sense.

So let me introduce to you the Coopers Ligament which is a thin collection of connective tissue that lifts the bust, it is attached from your collar bone and the underlying connective tissue of the major chest muscle know as the pectorals, so over a period of time the Coopers Ligament becomes looser and stretched which then makes our breast sag, YET if we tighten the coopers ligament (which in a way is just like natures own bra strap) then hey presto you can have a firm and lifted bust again.

A good analogy of this is simply imagine a bra strap that is loose! it offers no support to the bust, yet if you tighten the strap then the bust becomes lifted, that is exactly what we are going to do the Coopers Ligament tighten it so it naturally pulls the bust back up. Obvious really when you think about it.

So girls what are you waiting for, the key thing like with any exercises is that consistency is key and no good just doing it once you have to make this part of your routine. So why not take on my 14 day challenge and this will take less than 2 minutes and after two weeks you will notice a difference! Plus by then you are familiar with the routine and you can even do them in the shower.